About Us

Desoto Arts Council

To the state of Louisiana we are a 501 © 3 non-profit corporation and we operate on donations and grants. Until the political climate changes, you may still write-off your donation to our cause on your taxes.

Our physical location is in the Historic Village of Grand Cane, the smallest Cultural District in Louisiana, and we want to be “the art place in your neighborhood.” The DeSoto Arts Council, is located in the Hicks-Richardson Building where we share space with the Back Alley Community Theatre, Little Brick Studio with Sophia Tolliver, Edna Wheless Publishing and Miracle Floral’s & Gifts.

We are retired educators, artists, secretaries, principals, musicians and thespians. We are the young people who open new art-based businesses in your community; we are small, but we are strong and growing. We are the future of art, and we are your neighbors!

The DeSoto Arts Council was organized in the 1980’s and operated on a shoe-string budget. It lost its momentum, but never its heart. For those that laid the ground work for our present council memberships, we are grateful. You gave us the courage to re-instate our group in 2008. In 2009, art came roaring back when a bold move was made to house the first rural art gallery in DeSoto Parish.

The beginning of 2017 starts our seventh year of operating the art gallery on a tight budget and with the help of dedicated volunteers. We hold the work of visual artists that paint, draw, create custom and original jewelry, note cards, prints and pottery, Not only do we operate an art gallery, we also hold monthly art classes and guest artist classes. The public is invited to attend Feature Artist shows that are proudly displayed four times, yearly. We have a DeSoto Parish Students’ Art Wall that gives parish schools the opportunity to show their young artisan work in a gallery environment.

Every month holds new surprises at our gallery as we have a think tank of creative minds bigger corporations would pay to have at their beck and call. We invite you to grow with us. It is an exciting time to be a part of “the art place in your neighborhood” by becoming a member and volunteering your expertise today with the DeSoto Arts Council! You will meet your neighbors at the Gallery!