How to Apply

Just call 318-663-3080  or desotoartscouncildp@gmail.comand ask for information. It is that easy!

Volunteer Opportunities

Act as host during Special Events

Provide refreshments for Special Events

Help with Gallery set-up and seasonal decorations

Work on publicity: distributing flyers, designing posters, etc

Gallery Administration: Keep the Gallery a minimum of one day a month or more

The DeSoto Arts Council Art Gallery could not exist without the commitment of our Volunteers! Because of their dedication to make sure that DeSoto Parish has a viable “center for art”, DAC can offer support for our working artists, provide art classes, produce art shows and welcome visitors to just enjoy the world of creative arts.

The DeSoto Arts Council offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, depending on your interests, skills and availability. Whether you help with publicity, a special event or administration of the Gallery, your contribution will make a difference. Volunteering provides many educational and social opportunities and the best benefit is the opportunity to learn more about art and the artists.

Volunteer Benefits

Recognition at annual volunteer appreciation event

Exposure to the inner workings of the DeSoto Arts Council Art Gallery

Meeting new people

Opportunity to give back to the community